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Smile Designing

The process of smile designing involves examining and analyzing all the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, and making specific changes to enhance the overall appearance of the face. A smile design procedure can create beautiful, natural-looking smiles by straightening and whitening the teeth.

This treatment can greatly improve both dental health and aesthetic appearance, regardless of the initial state of the teeth. Smile designing offers long-lasting results compared to temporary measures like Botox. It is a worthwhile investment in one’s overall appearance, especially as age can cause wear, chipping, and discoloration of teeth that can be embarrassing. Smile enhancement can help restore confidence and improve overall dental health.

Different smile designs require different treatments, which may involve porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, or implants. A gum lift may be performed to reduce the amount of gum showing when an individual smiles. Teeth whitening may also be done before veneers are placed to brighten the smile. Anyone who wants to look younger, gain confidence, improve their dental health, or enhance their career prospects can benefit from a smile design procedure.

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